6 Fall Hair Colors You Should Try

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Fall is just around the corner and before you know it, you will be breaking out your favorite sweater, tall boots and skinny jeans. You will be ordering pumpkin spice everything and decorating your home for fall. When the seasons change, many people like to change their look. Here are six fun hair colors you should try for Fall 2018:


Rose Blonde

Rose Blonde made the top of L’Oreal Paris’ list for hair colors of 2018. The rose gold hue has made its way into the hair color world. Rose gold tones can richen flat and dull blonde color bringing out a glow in warm skin and a blush to more fair complexions with yellow undertones.



Maybe you are starting to find gray hairs and that makes you a little nervous. Well you may want to consider talking to your stylist about letting some of your natural grays shine through! Smoky grays and charcoals are all the rage this season.


Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

This hair color sounds like a delight! This is a perfect blend for brunettes who want an upgrade. This trendy look combines tones of caramel blonde and red.



Can you say delish? Whether you call it burgundy, eggplant or deep mahogany, this sexy shade is in! Girls will darker hair like black or brunette can easily use this color as a transition, especially if it is their first time to color their hair. This color can range from barely there to a bold color.


Pearl Blonde

For those of you that love to be blonde, this color is a great shade to transition from the summer beach look to the more subtle fall look. This shade has a sheen like that of a pearl! This gorgeous color is the softer side of platinum.


Midnight Blue

Jewel tones are definitely in for 2018. From nail color to clothing and even hair, this bold color is definitely in style. Girls will natural black hair can try this subtle change and still be very on point for fall.

If you are ready to change your look for the fall, contact us today! We at Hello Love have the knowledge and skills to help you look your best and be 100% ready for those cooler temps and fall festivities.