What is Beautiful You? It is a way to help.

It seems that nearly everyone knows a person being treated for cancer. In some cases, that person may be you.

Treatment is difficult, stressful, and something no one should have to go through alone. Hello Love owner, MacKenzie Edgeman, has experienced this reality first hand as she’s watched friends and loved ones struggle through treatment. Watching these brave people fight valiantly has taught MacKenzie some valuable lessons…first, a strong support system is essential AND empowering, and secondly, we must always trust the Lord and His plan for our lives.

Often times, this horrible disease takes away the one thing women obsess over; OUR HAIR! Loss of hair, coupled with the changes to the skin and body during treatment, it’s easy to see why women struggle to feel beautiful during their fight with cancer. At Hello Love, we think you ARE beautiful, and we want to help you feel that way.

We want to support you, build you up, remind you that cancer doesn’t define you…you ARE beautiful and strong!

If you know someone experiencing these feelings as a result of their battle with cancer, please send them our way or surprise them with a BEAUTIFUL YOU appointment. Our service to them is complementary – we’ll cut their hair, shave their head if needed, provide a Beautiful You Facial and Massage, and discuss all the options about hair, wigs, and make-up – or just be a friend to share their story with.

Each BEAUTIFUL YOU client will receive lots of love and a small gift from Hello Love.


This program is made possible because donations, by members of this community, we are so thankful for all the love and support we have received to make this dream of MacKenzie’s a reality! If you’re interested in making a donation or participating in one of our fundraisers please feel free to contact us or email Mackenzie directly at helloloveedmondok@gmail.com

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We hope to be there for those of you going through even the hardest of times by offering services for cancer patients struggling to feel beautiful! No matter what life holds for you, we’re so glad you’re here!