Breast Cancer Awareness

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Hello Love Boutique Owner, Wife, Mother of Five, Jesus Lover, and Advocate for her Oklahoma Community Laura Liles has graciously agreed to share her story. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Laura’s story hits home. This piece is to help that one woman who is venturing through the journey and bring insight to those coming alongside their loved one who has Breast Cancer.

Laura Liles

Hello Love Boutique Owner

The Liles Family and the Pride and Joy of Laura Liles

When were you diagnosed and at what age? What is your diagnosis?

I was diagnosed in July 2019 at age 56 with Stage 2A breast cancer. I chose to have a double mastectomy and am currently in chemotherapy, will follow up with radiation and then reconstruction surgery.


How was the cancer initially detected? (i.e. through a BSE, a CBE or an annual mammogram)

They discovered the cancer from my annual 3-D Mammogram.


How did you feel when you first received the news?

I felt afraid as most people do. We have a family history and I had been going in every six months for checks for years. I have had breast biopsy’s in the past as well, so I felt like sometimes I would get it.
I think the hardest is the “unknown” and the” waiting” for the additional results. There are a lot of steps and decisions that have to be made and you pray you are making the right ones!


What quote or scripture or verse has stayed close to your heart during this new chapter of your life?

The most beautiful thing that comes from going through difficult times is feeling and seeing God’s love through the inner peace He gives and the amazing family and friends who pray and encourage you!
The Scripture that has encouraged me most is Psalms 138:9-10.


As a Mother of 5, How did you choose to share your diagnosis with your children?

I told each of my children individually. I knew they would each respond differently, and I wanted them to have the privacy to do that.  I wanted to tell them in a way they wouldn’t worry, because the most important thing for me is that they would keep doing well in school and work.


What kind of things do you do to distract yourself when you are going through treatment?

I am a busy person and love to be on the go but had been given the advice to really listen to my body and do what I need to heal. I am trying to eat wisely and follow my normal routine as much as possible.


What message would you like to communicate to the women of your community?

My advice to women is to get annual 3-D mammograms, self-check and know your family history! The statistics are approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. They have come so far in diagnosing and treatment and I believe there will be a cure in the future! I do believe we all can keep our risks lower with a healthy lifestyle as well!


What can family members, spouses, kids, friends, and co-workers do or NOT do when they are told that someone, they love has breast cancer?

My advice for friends, family and even strangers is to reach out through calls, text messages, notes, and smiles!! I have felt so incredibly loved and supported during this time and it has helped keep my spirits high when it would be so easy to be down. Gift bags with healthy snacks, chap stick and an encouraging note are fun to receive as well as meals or gift cards for those with kids at home who need to be fed!

In summary, I have seen love shown like never before! Women supporting women, friends being there daily, and children wanting to care for you when you have always cared for them!

We’d like to Thank Laura for her willingness to share her story, this part of her journey, and opening her heart about her breast cancer. We will be walking together as Hello Love Team and would love it if you donated to our team to raise funds or registered to walk with us. We will be walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer OKC walk on October 19th, 2019.