How a Facial Can Be Soothing to the Soul as Well as the Skin

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Getting a facial is one of the most beneficial things you can do to pamper yourself. The process hydrates and cleanses the skin and leaves you looking and feeling fresh. Some facial procedures include exfoliation, which clears away dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new, beautiful skin. The aesthetician usually finishes the facial off with nutrient-rich moisturizers that leave your skin with a healthy glow your friends and family will notice.


A Good Facial Can Be as Relaxing as a Massage

The reason that a great facial can be soothing to your soul is because of the relaxing effect it has on your mind, which takes the stress away from your whole body. The benefit of choosing a facial over a massage is that you aren’t made to lie face-down with your head pressed into a hole in a massage table. Since the work is being performed on your face, you can breathe freely and deeply, as you enjoy the relaxing scent when the aesthetician massages the cleansers and moisturizers into your skin. A good facial will relax your facial muscles, scalp, and even your neck, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and stress-free when you leave the spa.


What Types of Facials Are the Most Popular?

There are countless types of facials and skincare treatments from which to choose. Many involve trendy, Hollywood-inspired techniques, but often, the tried and true standard facial procedures are the preferred methods. Consider these four popular facials:

  • European facial. This is the classic type of facial, which is excellent for any skin type and is customizable to individual needs.
  • Aromatherapy facial. This is perhaps the most relaxing type of facial because it steams and cleanses your skin while essential oils are massaged into your face and neck.
  • Hydrating facial. This facial is specially designed to rehydrate dry skin. It starts with a classic facial but uses humectants to moisturize the skin deeply.
  • Brightening facials. If you have an uneven skin tone, this may be the choice for you. A brightening facial uses antioxidants, fruit enzymes, and vitamin C to create a brightening effect on the complexion.

If you are looking for a great way to relieve stress and renew your self-confidence with a bright, fresh look, you should schedule an appointment for a facial today. Call the skincare professionals at Hello Love Salon & Boutique at (405) 285-2021 to schedule your appointment.



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