Makeup and Make Over For the Holiday Season – 3 Looks to Rock All December Long

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Staying fresh and having healthy skin is important in winters because the harsh weather is relentless. While working from home might have you comfortable in your PJ’s, it’s time to snap out of it and get your charm back. But to have a fresh look throughout winter, it’s important to give yourself the best treatment possible.

You need to stand out from the rest this winter, and Hello Love is here to help you. With the 3 best makeup and make-over looks to carry you through December, there will be no-one to stop you from shining.


Top 3 Makeup Looks For Winters

Though there are many different makeup styles to choose from, we have made it easier by picking out only the top 3 makeup looks for winter that will suit your style.

1.    The Bright And Bold While Soft On Winter Lips

Cold weather brings dry and aging lips. And no lady should ever have to withstand the horrors of aging. So, this winter, it’s time to go bold while being soft on the lips. Choosing red to mask your lips’ wear and tear can be a great idea, but you need the right lipstick brand that favors your drying skin. We recommend Japonesque, you can stop in at Hello Love to find your perfect shade.

2.    Get Creative with Graphic Wing Tip

While a dark look seems like the opposite makeup for the festive season, a bold graphic wingtip will leave the crowd awe-struck. It confines the moody hue and gives a sleek triangle on each tip while leaving the rest of your complexion natural and gorgeous.

The trick is to find an eyeliner that won’t smudge during the holiday season.

3.    Champaign Shimmer and Pail Pink Pop

All the beautiful ladies with stunning eyes and gorgeous cheekbones need to show off their facial features this winter. With a Champaign shimmer on eyelids that complement the pale pink pop on cheekbones, you are destined to leave hearts all over the floor.


Ending Note

Ladies don’t have a reason to dress up this holiday season as most plans and places are canceled out. However, no-one can stop you from spreading your magic. With people and places opening up for socialization, it’s time for you to bring back your style with Hello Love.