The Benefits of Using Natural Skin and Hair Products

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The beauty industry is one that has stood the test of time and continued to grow. At one point, purchasing high-quality hair and skincare products meant the potential risk of harming the environment, but not anymore. Today, naturally derived products aren’t just in demand; they’re actually proven to work better than the chemical-filled products before them.


Knowing the Facts

With an array of new natural products on the market, labels can be confusing. What exactly do the different terms mean? Typically, there are five common labels:

  • Natural – The government doesn’t regulate this term. However, these products generally come from ingredients natural to the environment. Check the ingredients lists to ensure the products are indeed natural.
  • Organic – All ingredients are farmed organically and FDA regulated. The percentage amount of organic matter required varies from state to state.
  • Synthetic free – Made of 100% naturally occurring elements or compounds
  • Cruelty free – Products weren’t tested on animals
  • Vegan – Contains no animal products or by-products

Skincare Benefits

Every day, many of us use a number of products on our skin. If these cleansers, moisturizers or toners aren’t made with natural ingredients, they may contain parabens and artificial chemicals. It’s estimated that around 60% of what’s applied to skin is directly absorbed into the body. Since skin is our largest organ, this fact is significant. Skincare products formulated with synthetic components can be dehydrating and harmful to your body.

Natural Haircare

Much like products applied to skin, our bodies also absorb what makes up our shampoos and hair styling agents. Many shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which studies show to be corrosive and damaging to skin. Parabens and other harsh chemicals sometimes found in these products are emitted into the environment, contaminating the water, soil, and ozone.

What We Offer

At Hello Love Salon and Boutique, we’re committed to offering high-quality, eco-friendly products. Stop in and check out the following:

  • Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics – Made for sensitive skin, and focused on ingredients that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.
  • Eufora haircare – Promotes socially and economically fair practices and trade, products made from renewable resources.
  • LAFCO candles – Made from all-natural soy that is biodegradable and made entirely from vegetables.