Our Story

Hello Love! We want to give you the story of Hello Love and how we got started! Co Owners MacKenzie and Laura met 3 years ago and instantly became friends. But our story starts long before that.

MacKenzie grew up in her aunts salon in Ohio learning the industry. She loved everything about it and the environment. Years later she decided to attend cosmetology school. While in school she got to know the owner Denise Soto who was a breast cancer survivor. Denise taught Mackenzie so much more than just a Love for hair. She helped her to see the big picture and what this industry is really about. Months into MacKenzie’s year of training Denise was diagnosed with Cancer again but this time it took her life. This was hard on the whole school and everyone who ever meant Denise. This is when MacKenzie Realized what she really needed/ wanted to do. So at 19 years old she promised her self that she would someday open a salon that had a focus on helping cancer patients, struggling to feel beautiful to see their true beautiful is not defined by hair and cancer should not define them! Fast forward 4 years, MacKenzie moved across the country to be with her now husband Casey. Not knowing what the future would hold for her dream.

This is where Laura comes in. The two of them worked together for 3 years growing close and counting on each other for support and encouragement in so many ways. One day Mackenzie opened up about this passion of hers to Laura. Laura absolutely loved the idea and decided she wanted to be part of it after all she always wanted her own store front for her gift boutique! They started planning and in August Hello Love Salon & Boutique opened for business! A full service hair salon, clothing, accessories, gifts and so much more. Complementary Beautiful You appointments are available for anyone going through treatments struggling to feel beautiful. During these appointments we talk about all the changes happening to your skin, hair and nails. We can cut your hair, shave your hair, talk about wigs, show make up tips or just sit and listen as you share your story. The first fundraiser for the Beautiful You program will be November 10th 10% of all sales that day will go to the program! We would love for you to stop in and see us, and what we’re all about. How blessed are we to work in a industry that daily we are able to touch lives and make a difference in how people feel? God is so GOOD!

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