Popular Spring 2021 Hairstyles

by | Mar 29, 2021

One good thing about 2020 was that it gave creative minds ample space to come up with trending hair cuts for women. Even though fashion shows and red carpet events weren’t what they were before, the fashion industry somehow managed to bring spring 2021 hairstyles for women. If you are looking for a new hair cut this season, then you are in the right place. We have created a list of short hair cuts for women and trending hairstyles like razor-sharp ends.


3 Spring 2021 Hairstyles to Die For

Our list of trending hair cuts for women is inspired by celebrities and models who shared their gorgeous hairstyles with the world. So let’s take advantage of that.


1.   Air-Dried Ease

Inspired by Zendaya, air-dried ease is a trending hairstyle that isn’t too pressed or primped. A slight touch of leave-in cream and diffuser can create a natural texture in your hair. This hairstyle for women is perfect for a time when anything too artificial is out of the question. Though air-dried ease is not fit for a formal event, you can carry it at an informal event or your friends’ spring brunch.


2.   Razor Sharp Ends

Lucy Hale made waves online when Dolce and Gabbana dressed her in their white tuxedo and she posted her picture on Instagram. While Dolce and Gabbana’s white tuxedo received little to no attention, Lucy Hale’s razor-sharp end hairstyle caught the eyes of many women craving for a spring 2021 hairstyle. The razor-sharp ends hairstyle for women looks something out of an action movie, and its sharp ends can only be made by a professional hairdresser — someone you can easily find at HelloLove Salon & Boutique.


3.   Low-Key Waves

A distinct hairstyle seen on Lela Rose’s Instagram made every girl want to look like her. A few soft bends and a chill attitude is all you need to pull off this gorgeous look. However, the final look of this hairstyle depends on the texture of your hair. So, don’t do anything to your beautiful locks without the care of a professional hairdresser.


Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a distinct spring 2021 hairstyle, you need a professional hairdresser to help you get the look you want. At HelloLove Salon & Boutique, we have an expert team of hairdressers who know what your hair needs. So, book your appointment now for a fresh spring 2021 hairstyle.