5 Ways to Re-create Your Salon Hairstyle at Home

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We all look the most fabulous immediately after a trip to the salon. Walking out, you feel like a whole new person. Unfortunately, the stunning look is usually gone within a few hours, leaving you feeling a lot less majestic. Try these 5 tips to re-create your salon hairstyle at home.


Take Pictures

You will not be able to re-create anything if you do not remember what it looked like. Though you may have a vague idea of your appearance after your salon visit, you most likely do not remember enough to mimic the details. Take some pictures of yourself immediately while leaving the salon so you can reference them later.


Take Notes

Though it may seem odd, take notes while your hair stylist is working. Anytime you see them do something, write it down. An easy and more casual way to do this is by using your phone.


Notice the Products

For good reason, many hairstylists swear by the products they use. As much as you may try and use knock-off versions of a hair product, you may need to accept that you need to buy the real thing. Go out and buy some of the products that you see your hairstylist using. Chances are that those products will work a lot better than what you have been using previously.


Notice the Tools

Along with noticing the products, pay attention to the tools that your stylist uses. A comb and pair of scissors may not be enough to do the trick. Take note of the specific tools that they use and when, so you can try to imitate the actions later.


Ask Questions

Many people forget that they can ask questions while they are at a salon. Most stylists enjoy talking about their work and do not mind explaining what they are doing and why. Having your stylist explain the techniques will help you feel more confident in attempting them at home and increase your chances of being successful.