Why You Shouldn’t Color or Cut Your Own Hair

by | Feb 25, 2021

Anyone who has ever impulsively cut their own bangs has lived to tell that they regret their decision. In an effort to flatten the pandemic curve, cutting or coloring your hair isn’t much of an extreme decision. However, after talking to Ray Symons, Master Stylist, we would advise against chopping your own locks. You might have a strong urge to cut your own hair. However, celebrity hairstylist Juan Carlos wants to discourage you from taking this rash step. Here are some reasons why you should put down the scissors.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut or Color Your Hair

1. Wrong Tools are a Recipe for Disaster

Many people are willing to save a dime on their haircut. However, they often lack professional tools that bring a saloon-like look to your hair. Your first reaction to being unhappy with your hair shouldn’t be reaching for a pair of scissors.

These multipurpose scissors are not good haircutting tools. They might cut your bangs, but they will also leave split ends, resulting in a bad look. Getting regular trim from a professional salon prevents split ends and keeps your hair healthy. So, pulling any stunts might end up hurting you in the face.

2. Reality Is Not as Good as Imagination

While you might think you can do a bang-up job with your at-home haircut, there’s a strong chance you won’t get the same results in reality. This is because professional hairstylists cut your hair using various positions that you cannot mimic by yourself. Moreover, you might leave uneven ends and gaps in the back and front of your hair.

3. You’ll Eventually Have to Book an Appointment

There is a reason pros go to schools to master different haircuts. If one can do it at home, there won’t be a need for stylists. Moreover, the end result of a DIY hairdo is always a disastrous “do.” So, let pros do their job and make you look beautiful.

Moral of the Story

Your chances of a great haircut depend on your stylist and reference material. While HelloLove can give you the curls or trim you need, your reference material will decide how you want your hair. So, head to our salon and spa to give your beautiful locks the love they deserve. DIY-ing your hair will only lead to a tragic end or really awful bangs!